Making the most of our Sunday joint of meat

Yesterday I did double cooking, we had pork in the slow cooker which we ate for tea in the evening but we also had a traditional Sunday roast for lunch. In the supermarket my other half was looking a turkey as a change from our usual choices for a Sunday roast (chicken, pork or beef). We spotted a whole turkey leg for only £3 so we thought we’d give it a try. We don’t tend to eat much turkey apart from at Christmas and I’m never really sure why. The turkey leg came in 2 pieces. We cooked both at the same time, in the oven with simply some freshly ground sea salt and black pepper for a few hours as o’er the guidance on the pack. It was delicious for lunch with Yorkshire puddings, mashed potatoes, cabbage, carrots, parsnips, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce. We chopped the rest up and have enough leftover for another 3-4 meals for our family (2 adults and a toddler). My ideas for using up the leftovers include: 

  • Turkey pie
  • Turkey and bacon risotto
  • Turkey fajitas
  • Turkey cacciatore
  • Mild turkey curry

My other half also likes to eat the leftovers in sandwiches so that’s where some of the meat will go. We’ll see what I end up making based on what we fancy throughout the week. I’ll probably freeze some of it to use at a later date for some quick teas, especially as we have leftover pulled pork too. With the pulled pork I’m thinking of making pulled pork tacos, wraps/Pittas, adding some more spices and serving with couscous or doing a Chinese style fried rice. We probably have enough leftovers for another 2 meals for our family.

Leftovers make fab easy, cheap, quick and filling meals. They don’t have to be boring and a repeat of the previous meal. 

Love your leftovers! 


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