Pancake Day!

I LOVE pancake day! Its the best excuse to make and eat yummy scrummy pancakes. I set out with the intention of doing two courses of pancakes, but it didn’t work out that way as I had a busy day and not time to quite get the ingredients I wanted.

The intention was to make this Paneer stuffed pancakes recipe from BBC Good Food (it was in my good food magazine a few months back and we tried it then with homemade paneer and it was really good. But I couldn’t get any paneer on my tesco shop so we had leftover roast beef fajita wraps (hey wraps are like pancakes right?!).

To the main event, the pancakes for pudding! We had scotch pancakes, made using this recipe here. So easy and so yummy. We all like different toppings and a range of toppings so we had maple syrup, golden syrup, chocolate spread (I splashed out and bought Cadbury’s chocolate spread and it was oh so worth it!), peanut butter, lemon juice.

Everyone has a different favourite topping!

Hope you enjoyed pancake day!



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