Time for a cuppa – trying out PG Tips Strawberry Shortcake flavoured green tea

I love trying out different flavoured teas from all kinds of different brands. My tea habbits seem to consist of having a few cups of “English Breakfast” style tea in a morning (my favourite brand is Yorkshire Tea) and a cup of a flavoured tea in an afternoon. I’ve tried all kinds of different flavours of tea and definitely have my favourites but its always nice to try one before committing to buying a full box full.

Through their facebook page I signed up to get a free sample of PG Tips Strawberry Shortcake flavoured green tea and decided to give it a try this afternoon. img_03401

So I filled my cup with hot water, brewed for 2 minutes as stated in the instructions and here’s the verdict.

It looks just like a normal green tea but smells lovely, just like strawberry shortcake. Mostly strawberry but there is a bit of a biscuity smell about it too. The taste is subtle, soft, there’s no bitter aftertaste and you have a pleasant hint of strawberry.

Its been a nice change and nice to try and I would drink it again but if I were to buy some more I’d definitely brew it for a little longer in the hope that I might get a bit more strawberry flavour from it.


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