Valentine’s Day: Life as a Parent

As Valentine’s Day came around me and the other half decided we weren’t really going to bother this year, we’ve been together a long time and have a little one so the day doesn’t matter all that much. As parents you don’t get much time to yourselves and much time for “date nights” so we did what most couples who have young kids seem to have done – we got a dine in for two meal. We chose to splash out a bit as we don’t usually and got the Marks and Spenser two dine in for £20 deal. We went on Saturday to get it and there was lots of choice. Whilst my other half chased our toddler round the shop I chose the meal, we had:

  • Breaded Camembert
  • Rack of lamb with a side of rosemary potatoes (I did some veg to go with it when I cooked it)
  • Melt in the middle chocolate puddings
  • Small box of chocolates
  • Bottle of wine (you could have picked prosecco but its not our thing)

We all (toddler included) sat down on Valentine’s evening to a scrummy 3 course meal and utterly enjoyed it. I barely had to do any cooking or preparation and it was a lovely treat. We’ve not yet eaten the chocolates or drunk the wine but we’ll enjoy those later on in the week.


I didn’t know what to get my other half and we said we weren’t doing presents this year but I felt like I should come up with something. We often sit on an evening unsure of what to do after the toddler is in bed and end up watching something (anything) on tv that neither of us are really interested in. So I browsed the internet and a few other blogs to get some ideas and came up with a “Date Night In Jar”. One night a week we should spend the night together and as we’re so indecisive we can just pick an idea out of the jar. We’ll probably choose the idea the day before as some of them require some preparation. Here’s the list I came up with:

  • Film Night
  • TV show marathon
  • Baking Night
  • Computer games night
  • PS3 night
  • Wii night
  • Geeky computer night (we’re both in to working on our raspberry pi and websites and things so a night to do that together)
  • Music and chill night (a night without the tv on…you know after we’ve watched “In the night garden” with the toddler!)
  • Board games night
  • Card Games night
  • Theme night (with suggestions of Italian, French, Spanish, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, American, British – the idea being that we have a meal from that country and then watch a tv show or film or play a game with references from that country too)
  • Chocolate Tasting night
  • Indoor Campfire Night (Including toasting marshmallows, recipes from our Camping cookbook, playing card games etc)
  • Home made pizza night
  • Learn a new card game
  • Disney night
  • Pixar Night
  • Beer Tasting Night
  • Wine Tasting Night

If we think of anything else we can always add it in at a later date. We’ll be doing our first one this weekend.


After the toddler went to bed we decided to have a night playing computer games together and its safe to say we had a lovely evening!

To top it all off though our toddler made us a valentine’s card at nursery and they put this gorgeous little poem inside:


If you fancy making your own date night jar I got ideas from these places:


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