Gingerbread Man Decorating with a Toddler

Yesterday was a Nana day and Nana brought gingerbread men for us to decorate. You should know that my toddler has done biscuit decorating before and is known for getting a bit carried away with it. We decided smarties and jellies were a bad idea, so used icing pens, chocolate chips, giant chocolate buttons and some plain white icing. My toddler struggled with the concept of the icing pens at her age (1.5) so Mummy and Nana just had to get stuck in and help out! She much preferred the spoon and white icing and putting the chocolate bits on the gingerbread men. We made “hats” for them using half a giant chocolate button and she put chocolate chips wherever she wanted to (one of the gingerbread men made Mummy and Nana giggle as they’re clearly immature!). It was all going well until she realised that she could eat the chocolate buttons, then she had no interest in putting them on the gingerbread men and instead put them straight in to her mouth and ate them. A little on the messy side but we had lots of fun.



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