Tom Kerridge’s Chicken fried steak recipe

Tom Kerridge is one of my favourite chefs, I watch his TV series, have seen him at the good food show in Birmingham and have 3 of his cookery books. I’ve done a few of the recipes from his books and have a few firm favourites but with a quiet weekend at home ahead I decided to try a different recipe. The recipe comes from his book Tom’s Table and is called Chicken fried steak. It’s basically steak coated in a southern chicken style batter and fried. Tom recommends serving with mash, so we did just that. The steak tasted yummy, the flavours very good. I’ve not used garlic powder before but I’ll certainly be using it again. We used thin cut steak and I think it was too thinnfir the recipe, if we do it again I’ll be buying a thicker cut steak. The mash was yummy and had I made Tom’s accompanying sauce it might have been a better match but I couldn’t find fresh horseradish so we gave that a miss. If done again I’ll either try the sauce out or serve with homemade chips, onion rings and corn on the cob to make it a bit more “american”. On the whole we’ll probably give it another go as the flavouring on the steak was yummy but it didn’t go as well as planned.


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