Mastering Yorkshire Puddings

So its Sunday, and one where we didn’t have any plans, which only means one thing in house – time for a Sunday roast! Today we had Pork from my Mum’s butchers. We had nearly a kilogram joint with extra crackling and it was lovely. Anyway that’s not the point of this post, the point of this post is this…I HAVE FINALLY MASTERED HOMEMADE YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS! and what’s more…it’s not a fluke! So I follow the “Feed your family for £20a week” Facebook page which is a fab page with loads of useful recipes and ideas on it. I’ve struggled for a while and been determined to master making my own Yorkshires and they have a recipe so I thought I’d give it a go. I used to be one of those people that bought the Aunt Bessie’s homebake Yorkshire puddings so I kind of felt like I was going someway towards making Yorkshires for my Sunday roasts (that and they take up less space in the freezer!)…but no more! The FYF Yorkshire pudding recipe ( ) is fantastic, works perfectly and I get perfect puddings every time. Its got some fab tricks and tips in the recipe and believe me, they all work (I also like to think my new Yorkshire pudding tin helps but only time will tell). This is my new go to recipe for making yorkshire puddings, they’ve gone down so well with the family too! Thanks so much to the page for sharing the recipe and for anyone reading this, give it a go, its well worth it. Next to see if I can get them to work with sausages for toad in the hole!


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